Friday, November 21, 2008

Cake disaster!!

The landslide of frosting!!

I love to bake and have always thought that I can bake pretty good, not as good as some, but decent I guess because I have never disasterized a recipe before. Well, I guess there always has to be a first. My dad's birthday was last week and he LOVES German Chocolate Cake, well, I decided to make him one once again, but this time completely from scratch. Well, it didn't turn out so well. For the cake I had to have 3 eggs and for the frosting I had to have 3 eggs, well guess what, I only had 3 eggs. I looked online and they said that a substitute is 1 tbsp of applesauce per egg, so i decided to try it. Well, the cake was so moist it fell completely apart when I tried to remove it from the pan to the cake stand, so I tried to piece it together. Then I made the frosting, with the 3 eggs, and it wouldn't thicken for some reason, so I let it cool and it still didn't thicken. So I just tried to spread it with what I had, well, it was soup like and just went everywhere. It completely fell apart and looked like a big blob. Though it was delicious, it went straight to the garbage. On Sunday I made my dad the cake again, this time with eggs in both recipes.

Blow Out City!!!

You didn't know that these are the diapers that are in style now. ha ha

If you get easily nauseated by talking about poop, I advise to not read on. Ok, so about 1 week ago Kenzie was a "pooping machine." It was a day that my mom was watching her while I was working. I gave her plenty of diapers for the day, so I thought, but she went through all but 1 diaper in just the morning alone. When I came to pick her up after work she hadn't pooped again. Then she had a little poop, so I changed her. We were sitting there talking to my parents and she pooped again. Well, I knew we didn't have anymore diapers left and I needed to feed her before we went home so I hurried and went to feed her. Well, much to my surprise I go to grab her back and she is covered in poo all the way up to her neck. I didn't have any diapers might I remind you. My mom came to the rescue and we cleaned her up and put her morning pj's back on and then we made a cloth diaper with one of her burp rags. I hurried and put a blanket under her in the car seat and got home as fast as I could. I went to go put a "normal" diaper on her and she already got it wet. Thank goodness for mom's who know the old ropes huh!!

Kenzie is Smiling!!!

Mom I'm trying!!

We are so excited. Kenzie had her first smile and now she never stops. She is so much fun to play with and interact with now. We love having her, she's the best thing ever.

This last week she had her first round of shots. Oh boy, even though I am a nurse and give immunizations everyday, it is completely different when it is your own child. I was so glad Steven was there so that he could be the one to see her eyes when they poked her. She barely even squealed though which made it a little easier. She's been doing fine since then. Below is a little video of Kenzie smiling.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween 2008

This is our house decorated for Halloween. We had these cool lanterns in our windows, witches and a pumpkin.
This is Steven's pumpkin he carved. He's so good at it. Each year he gets better and better.
Steven was a Mauri/Samoan guy. He wore this pain on his face to work, pretty funny huh.

This is McKenzie and I. She was a chili pepper and I was a 1940's flapper girl.

This year was fun for Halloween because we got our first trick-or-treaters. We just stayed home and enjoyed the kids coming to the door. We did attend 2 parties, so we weren't total party poopers.

McKenzie's Blessing

Steven's parents with Kenzie. We haven't gotten one with my parents yet, but we will.
Steven's side of the family. Lots of them huh?
Steven and I with Kenzie before we went to church. She wore the same dress and bonnet that I wore when I was blessed.

I'm starting to laugh at myself because as soon as we had a child our blog is now infested with her. I would always think when I saw other people's blogs, "why is everything about there kids?", now I am starting to understand. Oh wait, when you do get a kid that is what your whole life is about so what else is there to blog right? I just find it funny that I am "just one of them" also.

Well this last Sunday we blessed McKenzie. It was amazing. All of Steven's family was here except his brother Andy and his wife Johanna because she is due with a baby any day. It was so nice to have them all here and we are grateful for the sacrifices they made to come. We feel very loved and blessed that we have a family who will support us. Also, my whole side of the family was here except for Scott, Jamie, Ella, and little Cole who is only 2 days younger than McKenzie. We missed them very much and we thought about them often during that special day. We know you guys were here in spirit. Our house was full of over 40 people. I didn't know we could fit that many people in our home. It was crazy with many kids running around in and out of house, but it was great to have them all here. The weather cooperated and it wasn't too cold.

We had TONS of left overs from our baked potato bar. This is a problem of mine, I don't know how to cook for the right amount of people. Steven and I always have left overs for the next day because I have no clue how to cook for only 2 people. Just like last night, I made homemade mac and cheese and I made way to much cheese sauce so I cooked more noodles and ended up begging my brother's family to take it because we already had left overs from the first batch. I guess I'm just preparing for the larger family right? ha ha. It was all around a great day and I loved every second except when everyone had to go home.

The next day was my first day back at work which went really well. I was sad on the way driving there but when I got there it felt good to be back in an atmosphere that I am familiar with and love. I love being a nurse and seeing my patients again. I kept saying all day "I feel like I have an identity back." It's not that being a mom takes away my identity, just being a mom isn't familiar to me and I am still learning, where as being a nurse is familiar and I know what I'm doing I guess. I of course missed Kenzie but she is in very good hands, which makes it easier. I love being a mom and cherish each second I get to be with Kenzie. She is such a blessing in our life and we're so glad she's ours.