Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time to catch up, what we've been up to

This is Kenzie's walker she cruises on
Kenzie will go into my closet, get a shirt of mine off the hanger, and crawl around with it around her neck. She keeps trying to put it over her head, she must think she is ptuting it on.
Kenzie loves getting into the cupboards. We finally had to put locks on them, but I let her keep the pots and pans cupboard.

Kenzie loves the bath, she'll try to get in before she is even undressed. She loves to splash and splash.

So I know it's been forever since I have blogged, but I guess time has gotten away from me. Steven is working a lot, but I'm grateful that he has a job that he likes, enjoys, and is very good at. I am still working part time with Dr. Bateman and Grammy Thompson gets to watch Kenzie, in which my mom loves very much. We have gone to Utah several times this summer for nieces and nephew's baptism's and the Stan Cook reunion at Kristen's home in Spanish Fork, UT which was a lot of fun with boating and bad sun burns and all. Kenzie now talks none stop. Though it sound like chinese she totally thinks she is talking. She'll sit down and read a book and read out loud to herself which is very cute, she also points and acts like she is telling you something, which I just respons, yeah!! She laughs a lot and loves to hang out with her daddy. He throws her around and chases her so she loves that. She has this walker/push thing that she cruises around the house in. She's really fast and can maneuver pretty well. She also climbs up the whole set of stairs quite well, but is a little scared of coming down. She has taken her first steps recently in which she walked from our couch to the bar stools, which is pretty far, so we're excited about that. She's a pretty good baby and we love her a lot. She's not shy at all so she loves to go out on the town and see people. She talks to everyone. She's a social butterfly just like her parents, ha ha!!

Kenzie's 1st birthday, what the!!!????

The shirt says chatterbox, if you know Kenzie at all you know she consistently jabbers no stop. So this shirt is very fitting
Grandpa and Grandma Cook even came from Blackfoot for the party
She loved the paper, go figure!!
The strawberry outfit. Yes matching hair bow that my friend Jennifer make her and of course a matching bracelet
The awesome cake!!! Thanks Megan
She snarfed that cake right up

So Kenzie turned 1 on September 18th. Looking back at this last year, it is the fastest year of my entire life. I don't even know where it went it went by so fast. I still remember the day that she was born like it was yesterday. The first time I got to hold her, when Steven and I named her, when Steven saw her for the first time, that first little cry I heard, the first time I saw her and those beautiful lucious lips, and most of all the cutest face I have ever seen. I remember her first smile, first laugh, first time saying dada. It just seems like it wasn't very long ago. My baby is growing up.
I decided to make her birthday a strawberry theme since she loves strawberries. My wonderful friend Megan helped me make cute invites and an awesome cake. The party was with family and a few friends, nothing big, just another reason to get together I guess. Plus, Kenzie didn't even know what was going on, she just knew she was opening presents, playing a lot, and eating a whole lot of cake. She was a little cranky because she didn't take her 2nd nap so we all just kept saying "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to." Very fitting, but she enjoyed the day and fell asleep very fast that night in Grandpa Cook's arms, she was wasted after an evening of fun. Good food and good company, couldn't have been better.

Thompson Family Pics

All the grandkidos
My bro Scott, Jamie, Ella, and Cole
The whole Thompson Clan
Our family pic
Ohhh la la!!! OK I do like him a little!!
My brother Ryan, Kiley, Kade, and Jeff
On Father's Day this summer Scott and Jamie, Ella, and Cole came to visit. It was so much fun to see them and be with them again. I miss them so much. We went to Eagle Fun Days, BBQed, talked a lot, shopped, and just enjoyed being around each other. I know Kenzie already misses her best bud CoCo. We also got to sneak in some family pictures that my friend Mandie was so nice to do for us. These were taken at my parent's house in which I was quite impressed of the awesome scenery we were able to capture.

Kenzie's sleeping positions

So Kenzie is doing so awesome with sleeping, though recently she wants to skip her morning nap in which I am not letting her do so quite yet. I found her like this one day when I went to check on her. I just had to grab the camera. We have some other funny sleeping stories where my mom found her bobbing her head and still sitting up. I guess this girl tries to do everything she can to not give up. I wonder where she gets that from....ha ha