Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Sorry, can't see Kenzie very well, she was busy eating an eyeball decorated donut. As you can see, I'm Wendy (last minute costume :)) Steven's randition of Hook, Aubree Tiger Lilly, and Kenzie was Tinkerbell.
Steven free hand carved this pumpkin last minute, by hand before the tricker treaters showed up!! Good job don't ya think!!!

Notice this one says "Cook's" wiht the eyes. Once again, carved last minute!!!

This one he carved at the night of our annual pumpkin carving FHE night at the padres!!

This was at my parents trunk or treat

My parents at the trunk or treat....soooooo cute!!!

Kenzie ready to get some more "nandy"

The cutest bee out there!!!

Kenzie actually let me put piggies in her hair at Michelle's party, what a miracle!!

Our little tiger lilly!! This time it was OK that Hook kidnapped her!!
So this Halloween season was awesome. My cousin Michelle always does a party and it is a blast with themed food and games. We all dressed up, even Uncle Mike!! Our family was Peter Pan characters. turned out pretty cute I think. Then the next weekend my parents ward does a really fun trunk or treat and a carnival. Kenzie had a blast and I dressed them up in warmer costumes that night, a bee and unicorn. Kenzie was so cute, she would walk up and hold her bucket out and say "treat" and then say "tant do" and walk to the next one. Sooo cute. We even went to some neighbors afterwards and she tried to get into a couple of their houses. She cracks me up. We even had my nephew Kade's 7th b-day party that night too, what a fun weekend. Kenzie was sad when it was all over, but still is asking for "nandy" every morning she wakes up. Shhhh...we're trying to make it last longer than 2 hours after Halloween is over which is how fast I ate my candy when I was younger.

Kenzie and Aubree's pics

So this is Kenzie and Aubree's first photshoot together. Kenzie just turned 2 and Aubree is almost 4 months in the pics. Kenzie was not the most cooperative, so these are the best we got. My friend Mandie and I bribed her with everything we had, but she just wouldn't give. So here is Kenzie's personality as we know it and Aubree just her sweet little self. She really is the sweetest little baby. She is just happy with anything and any attention she gets. She especially loves when her sister tries to play with her. Love these girls!!!