Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thompson Family Pictures

My oldest brother Ryan his wife Kiley and Kade (5) and Jeff (21 months)
My brother Scott his wife Jamie and Ella (2 1/2) and Cole (3months)
All the grandkids. Aren't they so stinkin' cute!!
The whole crazy Thompson Clan!!
Our first "real" family picture
My mom and dad. 34 years of marriage!!

This is the Thompson Clan. When Scott and Jamie were in town we managed to get everyone together on New Year's Day for a family pic. My cousin Michelle took these with her fancy camera in which we were so grateful for her to do this for us. We haven't had a family picture for 2 years, so it was due time. Looking at these and being able to enjoy Scott and Jamie and Ella and Cole this Christmas because they live in Indiana now and our family has never been apart like this except when my bros were on missions, really helps me realize how special family is to me and how I am truly grateful that I get to be with all of them for eternity. Each person holds a different piece and a special part of heart. I am grateful that I have an awesome family that supports and loves me through all that I do. I appreciate awesome parents that have led me lovingly to help me become who I am today. I appreciate the great mother my mom has been and all the sacrifices she has made to help me be who I am also. I am grateful for a husband who always tries to make me laugh and make life wonderful. I am also grateful for Kenzie and her sweet spirit that she has brought into our life. She is so sweet and the look that she gives me each day helps me realize that it is all worth it. She is truly meant for our family.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Season 2008

Kenzie and her cousin Cole. They are only 2 days apart but Cole is huge. He is a chunky monkey. He is so cute and it was so good to see them together.
Ella was so cute with Kenzie. She kept giving her kisses and saying.. "baby Kenzie soooo pretty." It was so cute how she said it.
Kenzie opening up one of her presents. She even got Christmas Even jammies.
I got Steven and hat which he loved but we love it even better on Kenzie

This is what we got Kenzie for Christmas. A play gym. She seems to like it, but she is just barely interested in objects. I'm sure she'll love it more in the next few months.

What a Christmas. Steven and I switch families every year and this year it was time to go to Blackfoot. I was really nervous about driving because of all the snow storms and because this was Kenzie's first long drive. Kenzie did great and slept almost the whole time. The roads were great there but on the way back were awful. Thank heavens Steven knows how to drive in bad weather due to growing up in Blackfoot. It took us about 5 1/2 hours to get home when it usually take 3 1/2 hours. It was crazy. We got there on Christmas Eve in which we went to Collin and Alysia's house. They made sushi which was to die for it was so good. It was a lot of fun to hang out with them as it always is. We then had Christmas the next morning, it was nice and quiet but very good and of course an awesome breaky made by Stan the man. We stayed until Saturday morning and got home to see Scott, Jamie, Ella, and Cole. Oh my goodness, it was so good to see them. I missed them tons. Cole got blessed in my parents ward which was really awesome to be able to be there for that. During the week we watched movies, chatted and caught up, shopped, played games, and just hung out. It was awesome to have them here to enjoy . I truly to love and miss them already. It was such a treat to see them. I can't wait until this summer already.

NAPA has moved

Steven and his two employees Dave and Nate. They worked so hard!!
The month of December was a big one for Steven. The NAPA store that he managed off of State Street has been moved to be joined with the downtown store. Steven and his two employees worked until wee hours of the morning and late into the evening every day during December. They had to take apart the entire store including the shelving, stairs, inventory, etc. It was a long month but Steven made sure it was done on time. Steven came home every night covered in dust from head to toe and he even had black in his nose and ears. Good for you babe. He is now co-managing the downtown store and doing some outside sales for them. He works so hard for our family.

Live Nativity

This is the last part of the nativity. The three wise men, Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. I got a little teary eyes, I think because you realize a lot more how Mary felt once you have had your own child.
These are the angels that sang at Jesus's birth.
This is the donkey. They warned us to not get close because he kicks apparently.
This is the "no room in the inn" scene. It was pretty cool. They had high school kids that did the parts. It was the youth of a ward in Eagle that volunteered the whole thing. What a service.

The little purple blob with Steven is Kenzie. She was in the Bajorn wrapped up all tight inside his jacket. She just slept the whole time. It was like 7 degrees that night. It was freezing.

This is the camel that was at the very beginning. He was very friendly. You could go right up to him and pet him. It was pretty crazy.

This year we heard about this Live Nativity scene that is out in Eagle. It is actually out at my brother Ryan's best friend's house growing up. You arrive and go on a hay ride and stop at a gate that is made out of wood with a wise man and guards and a camel. They have parts they speak and lead you to different parts of the property for each part of the nativity story. It was really awesome to get the REAL feeling of Christmas this year. It is nice to be reminded. I hope we make this a tradition every year.