Saturday, August 30, 2008

Way to go Steven!!

Steven started working for NAPA Auto Parts in February. They hired him with the intentions of him becoming a manager of one of their stores. We never knew we would be so blessed and it would come so soon. Starting the beginning of August Steven has become the official Manager of the NAPA store at Vetran's Parkway and State Street. He has been doing awesome with catching on so quickly since he was put into this position with little training and little notice. I am so proud of him and grateful for how hard he works for our family. Though he works a ton more hours now, I can't complain because I will be able to stay home and only have to work 2 days per week after our sweet baby girl is born. Steven will be able to take care of her on Monday's and my mom will on Tuesday's. We are very blessed. Way to go babe!!

Landscaping is finally done!!!

My nephew Kade loves to help Steven. He really is a good helper. We're so glad we live so close to Ryan and my sister-in-law Kiley and their two awesome kiddo's.
This is our back yard if you were to look straight forward from our back patio.

So we moved in our house in the end of March and since it was winter until like the middle the June we couldn't do our landscaping. Finally in the end of July, in practically one weekend, we finished with all of my wonderful family's help. My mother and I designed it, Steven, my Dad, and my brother Ryan put it all it themselves. They did such an awesome job. My nephew Kade and sister-in-law Kiley helped us put in the sod. I couldn't do much with being prego and all so we are forever grateful to my family and for all of their help. I am very happy with how it turned out.

This is the spot to your right when you walk up to our front door.
We are the house on the right.
Our house is the one on the left. This is our side yard. I love that boulder that hides that ugly electrical box.

Baby Shower's!!! I sure was showered on!!

We have been truly blessed with having this baby. We have had several showers and received almost every single thing that we needed. I am grateful to those who have thrown them for me and for those who have come to the showers. You all will be a large part of mine and this new baby girls life. Here are some pictures from some of the showers.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sparkle and Shine here we come...

So I had something really awesome happen a few weeks ago. I have a good friend of mine at work that got married in July. She asked me to make her own jewelry and her bridesmaid's jewelry. They turned out quite well I thought. Well when she went to do her last fitting at the bridal shop where she got her dress, she wore her new jewelery I made her. The lady that owned the shop loved her jewelery so much that she asked my friend to have her have me call her ASAP because she wants to put me to work. I met with her and I get to make custom bead jewelery for her bridal shop called Heartfelt Bridal. I am so excited that I get to turn a hobby into side job. I'm very excited, because she already has 3 brides and their bridesmaids set up for me to do some jewelery sets for them. Yoohoo!!

This is the closest picture I have of her jewelery and the bridesmaid jewelery. I didn't know at the time that I would need more pictures of her jewelery.

Friday, August 1, 2008

98th percentile for the head...are you kidding me!!

That is the worst thing you can tell a first time mother. She's got long legs and a big head and they estimate that she weighs about 4lbs. 10oz. right now at 32 weeks. Wonder what she's gonna look like?? Me too!! (ha ha) She's still breach but we have 4 wks to see if she moves. She seems quite comfortable right now. I don't think I'd want to be upside down all the time either, so I don't blame her. We are so excited to meet her soon we can hardly stand it. We know it's going to be really hard but I know all the sacrifice will be worth it. She's been a long time coming. I'm mostly excited to see Steven be a daddy. He talks about it all the time and asks how she's doing almost like she's not inside of my stomach and she's already here, it's really cute. He's going to be awesome and a really involved daddy. She's very lucky!!