Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Pics


I LOVED this idea!!! Notice my super cute ring...yeah she made that for me too and taught me to make them. I LOVE them!!

This one cracks me up. Kenzie's face!!! ha ha. It is sooo her to the T!!

Couldn't be sweeter!!!

I love this face!!!

Aren't they the cutest. I know I'm not bias!!

So first week of September my wonderful best friend Mandie from took these pics. I'm not a picky picture taker. I just want one good one of each of my kids and one good family pic. Well I got sooooo much more. She is so wonderful with my kids. She got some great poses and smiles out of them. Our family pics turned out wonderful too. I couldn't be more happy. I already have several of them up in my house. I felt like I couldn't get them big enough because they turned out so great. I recommend her to ANYONE cause she kicks butt. I'm not just saying that cause she's my best friend...she honestly is so wonderful and so talented at what she does. I LOVE that girl!!!

Kenzie's Famly B-day Party

The next day after her princess party it was the family party. We had dinner and cupcakes. The cupcakes I made were strawberry cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting. They were soooo good. She got new jammies, coat, magnet dress up dolls, mermaid barbie, chapstick, and we gave her a big box of dress up clothes that I found at a garage sale (big score, 5 dresses, like 8 pairs of shoes for $13...score me) and lots of hugs and kisses. It was so fun. She has used everyone of them already SEVERAL times. She was sooo happy!!!

Kenzie' B-day Princess Party

Princess dance party!!!

Making princess crowns!!

All the princesses!!! Annie, Kenzie, Evenlyn, and Miri. All girls from our ward that she LOVES!!!

The table setup!!

On Sept 18th Kenzie turned 3. Where did the time go. WOWZA!!! We had "tea party" with cupcakes, cheese, bananas, little princess castle sandwiches, grapes and such. They ate it all with princess toothpicks which they thought was pretty fun. Then they decorated princess hats, played with princess castles, opened gifts and much more. It was super simple but super fun. My wonderful mom saved the day and helped with Aubree during the party. It truly was a lot of fun!!

Utah Trip

Aubree's lovin it too!!!

Diggin for fossils!!

Kenzie "planting trees."

Steven surfin!!!

Aubree sat like this on the boat for almost 5 hours. She was happy to just sit there, watch people, and be as snug in her life jacket as possible. Too cute!!

So Steven and I haven't ventured out so much this year. For our family vacation we went to stay with his sister's family in Highland. It was super fun. We ate AWESOME cause my sister in law is a great cook. Like beef tenderloin melt in your mouth good. Also, we went boating. Steven and I tried the surfing thing and it was so fun. I didn't get to the sweet spot to let go but maybe next year. I think it is more fun that actual wakeboarding. On our way out we went to the Dinasaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Kenzie loved that. They had these off the ground sand

box type things with water and toys. You could make dams, set up scenery type things. She could have been there all day. Then there was a place where you could dig fossils yourself. And yes we got a suvenior...Mr. Steggy!!! She still sleeps with it all the time.

Stevo's plane ride

Adam in front of the plane they rode in!!!

See the gorgeous view down below!!!

Our friend Adam had a plane ride he got from his lovely wife Kristin for his birthday. He invited Steven to go with him. It was 6am thing but Steven didn't care, he LOVED every second of it. Adam got to drive the plane and Steven was a little jealous though he wouldn't say anything about it. He talked about it for like 3 days straight. They were in the air for only 45min, but Steven said it was soooo worth it. Does he secretly want to be a pilot???

Kenzie's First Swimming Lesson

This is her getting her certificate at the end. Showing papa!!!

The first week of August Kenzie got to have her first swimming lesson. It is very basic skills learning but she loved it and was so proud of herself every time. We will be doing many more next year. She learned how to blow bubbles under water. Float on her back, swim with her arms in front of her and bobb for toys under that water.

McCall Trip

This is Kenzie being "Ariel" and swimming. She loved the water because she could see the really tiny fish.
When Scott and Jamie came it was Ella's b-day in the middle. Aubree's b-day was like a month before but we never "officially" celebrated it because her b-day was the day after we got back from Trek. We were T-I-R-E-D. It was her first b-day...I know...I know, lamo me. Who almost skips their kids 1st b-day. We didn't technically skip it, we just hopped over it a little with just some cupcakes on her b-day. So we joined in on the fun of celebrating Ella's b-day too. She turned 5 and went to Kindergarten(holy cow) this year. I made a "princess castle cake." Not the best in the world but we'll get better. I have several b-days to practice with.

They LOVE hanging out with their Grandma Robbie

This is a pic of the girls enjoying the sand and water. Aubree stayed in the same spot for almost 2 hours just diggin away. Kenzie learned that she LOVES to make sand castles and swim in the water.

So this summer during July Scott, Jamie, Ella, and Cole came to visit from Indiana. It is always sooooo wonderful to see them. I miss them so much and Kenzie still to this day at night prays for Ella and "Coco" to come visit soon. So sweet. We went to McCall for one night and stayed in a fabulous cabin that had a fenced in yard, large great room, hot tub and several bedrooms. It was so great to be able to just relax and visit, ride the boat, have fun on the beach, and just get to hang out.

Aubree's Black Eye

On the Fourth of July we were in Blackfoot having a wonderful time and SMACK went Kenzie on the edge of Steven's brother's tub. It was marble so it was extra hard. It swelled up instantly and was black and blue. It was so awful. I have a little secret. It may be a secret to some and not to others because they have witnessed it. My nurse hat flies away when there is something wrong/hurt with my kids. I can't remember what to do and yes, I cry and Steven is the one comforting me too in the process. I laugh about it afterwards but while I'm going through it I don't like it. I've talked to several other medical professional people and they say the same things happens with them, so I guess I'm not alone or do they just want to make me feel better:) I'll think I'm not alone!!! Aubree is our huge accident prone child, hence broken arm and now this. She is always falling and bumping her head. You will never see her without a scratch or bump. I need to put this girl in a bubble.

Daddy and Kenzie's campout

This was me and Kenzie in the morning. I was a party pooper and didn't sleep outside so I could hear Aubree during the night.

This summer before one of Steven's scout camps he had to get the tent out and ready so he decided to just keep it out and have a camp out in the back yard with Kenzie!! It was so cute. I went to a girl's night out and came back and they were making smores on the bbq grill outside. This is her messy face above enjoying every moment of it. It took until 10pm for her to fall asleep but she loved every minute of it. They didn't rough it too much. We have a queen aerobed that they slept on. it's pretty comfy. It was just so sweet to see them having a memorable daddy/daughter it!!

Kenzie's best buddy

So I'm gonna have to start from like June....yes June and catch up here. I just had to post this. This is Kenzie's good buddy Charlie. She LOVES him. I've never had her play with someone so well as him. They never fight, push, or whine when they are with each other.....he is also very very cute!!!