Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kenzie Eating Cereal

So starting at about 5 months we started Kenzie on rice cereal. She loves it, but at first she had the hardest time figuring out the spoon. She has this new thing that she does all the time. She acts like she is spitting with making the spitting noise with her lips. Well she figured out it was pretty funny and was doing it while we were feeding her. She got it everywhere and Steven would always say..."how come she gets so messy when YOU're feeding her?" After seeing me do it, he now understands. She is much better now, she has tried carrots, sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears, squash and has really enjoyed them. She does much better with the spoon and not spitting all the time. I now walk away much cleaner!!!

I can sit up!!

We also got an exersaucer for Kenzie this weekend. Grandma Robbie has one and she loved it, so we decided to get one for her. I got one for such a good deal, so it was hard to pass up. She loves it and will stay in there for about and hour. That gives me some time to get some real things done for a change.

So on Kenzie's 6 month birthday this month she broke through 2 teeth and now a 3rd is on the way, and she sat up all by herself. It was a big day for her. She loves to sit up now. When I put her on her back she lifts her head off the floor and tries to sit up on her own until I will put her up. She feels like she is seeing a whole new part of the world now, she loves it.

Cook Cousin Time

We went to Utah the end of February to go to our nephew Jacob's baptism. We stayed in a hotel with a conjoined room with a door with Collin and Alysia (Steven's bro and wife). It was a lot of fun and the next morning when the kids were getting ready we put Tyler, Kenzie's cousin who is 2 months older than her, next to each other and see how they reacted. They touched each other and smiled. Kenzie is pretty close to his size, watch out Ty, she might be able to beat you up when you are older.

Daddy Daughter silly time

We were getting Kenzie ready for bed one night and Steven took Kenzie's pants and put them on her head. It thought it looked so funny the way her eyes were squished and her ears stuck out, and then he had to add in on the fun too by putting his own shorts on his head. Steven is such a great dad. Kenzie's face already lights up all the time and she smiles when she hears her dad walking through the door after work.