Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seriously kids!!!

This is a pick the day she got her cast off. She is completely messy eating her dinner which she loved. I have been feeding her baby food for the past 3 weeks because food kept getting stuck under her cast and it was getting really smelly, so she went for it when I let her free!!

This is Easter morning. One of the last shots of her right upper tooth still in her mouth. I don't have a pick on my camera yet of her tooth gone, sorry. She is asleep otherwise I would get one now...I also don't have picks of the pre-post surgery yet because I'm waiting for a lovely email from the mother with the picks...:)

These are a couple picks the day after she got her realy cast on. Still smiling and happy playing with toys. I was trying to upload a video of her gorilla crawl but it isn't working...I still don't know how to post them correctly on blogger...sorry

So these last few weeks have been ultimately crazy. First Aubree about 3 weeks ago fell off of Kenzie's bed and broke her arms. It happened while I was at work. I checked her when I got home and everything seemed to be fine. She was teething a lot then so I didn't think that there was a possiblity that a broken bone or bones was in the story here. She seemed to be a tiny bit whiney but nothing excessive. She ate dinner, I gave her Advil for her teeth before I put her to bed and she slept the whole night. Well the next morning I went to get her out of bed and she kept falling over when she was trying to push herself up. I don't know why that wasn't an alarm to me...hello Kassie. Then she was eating bananas for breakfast and the way she was picking them up was really odd. I then got an overwhelming feeling that I needed to take her into the office where I work. I then got her dressed and she was crying the whole time. From checking her I thought it was her shoulder. I went straight to the "docky" (as Kenzie says it) Kaylor and we got an x-ray. Both her radius and ulna bones were broken in the middle. Craziness. They then put a splint on her and sent us on our way. It was odd putting clothes on, not being able to bathe her etc. We had the appt with the specialist the next Wedesday, they put a realy cast on. A purple one...Kenzie picked the color and then told us to be back in 2 weeks. She acted like that cast wasn't even in her way. She was as happy as could be. She even learned how to crawl about 1 week after having it on. She looked a little bit like a was pretty funny. She finally got the cast off yesterday. We came home and she seemed to have a hard time crawling for a few hours but then got a hang of it and is now acting as though nothing ever happened. She was such a trooper. Oh ya and yesterday morning she woke up coughing/wheezing. She has had a cough for about 1 1/2 weeks and I have been trying to "home remedy" it but that morning...I just don't mess with wheezing...I know it's beyond what I can do from there. So I took her in, they put her antibiotics, prednilisone, and we have to do nebulizer treatments for 3 days. So poor things has gone through a lot lately, but she is still smiley and happy as ever. I hope she carries this attitude on into her adult life. It will come in handy. And no that's not it...

So we went in for Kenzie's first dentist appt last Wednesday. She did super good until they moved the chair down to lay down. Then she wanted nothing to do with it. She loved the instruments and the prize still. Dr. Grant looked at her teeth and instantly saw that above the tooth that she chipped when she was 15 months old there was a pretty bad abcess. They then referred us on to a pediatric dentist Dr. Emory. We went to him and he said that they needed to get it out because it was pretty bad. Funny thing is that Kenzie never complained of pain, EVER!! I think she just has never really used it after she chipped it so then she had surgery to get it extracted last Friday. She was very excited for this and said "docta take my sugar bugs out." This is how she understood it so I have let her think of it that way. They gave her Versed which was halarious. She began to just laugh at everything and was super happy. I would like to have some of that stuff for certain occasions and I know you moms out there that have 2 year olds know what I mean. They took her back and yes I lost it. Cried my eyeballs out into the waiting room. It is so much harder being on the other end. I like being the nurse MUCH better. So the surgery was only 30 minutes long. I guess she did really well. They came and got us ASAP...I asked that we go back as soon as we could and they did. When she woke ups he was ticked. Mad that all these things were on her...especially the IV. They took them off and I held her while they monitored her for a little longer. We then went home and about 1 hours later she was back to her normal self. Though she napped for 3 hours that day, I was still surprised at how fast kids metabolize that anesthesia. We adults are sleepy for like 3 days afterwards. She has done so well and has been almost proud that her tooth is gone. It hasn't bothered her at all. She even got a visit from the tooth fairy which she was so excited about. She got a whole dollar. She immediately wanted it in her "bunny bank" and she continued to go about her playing. Another thing with her is that two nights ago she was playing outside and she slipped and fell on the flower bed's edge which is wood. She got like 12 splinters in her wrist/hand/arm. We held her down for like 30 minutes with her screaming her head of yesterday and only got like 5 out. Not my favorite thing in the world. So none the less...we are ready for a vacation and I am ready for my kids to be well, without any sickness or ailments of any sort. Going through this I have felt a lot of gratitude for their general health. They are healthy and strong children that are developing and growing properly. What a blessing that is.