Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kenzie's 7 mo photo shoot

So this is Kenzie's 7 month photshoot. She did really well, though her only smile right now is with a wide open mouth. She wasn't even grumpy until the very end so we were able to take a lot of pictures. My friend Mandie took them who is AMAZING at taking pictures. Go to her website which is on my list of friends and families links (Mandie's Photography). She does so well and I am so grateful to have a friend that is as talented as her to be able to capture these special moments in our life.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


There is nothing sweeter than Kenzie sleeping. In the morning she sometimes gets lucky and gets to sleep in our bed, especially when Steven doesn't have to work until later and I am already at work. She is so peaceful and cute. She loves to be sat up on her dad's pillow and watch cartoons. Yes, I know we're bad parents because we let her watch TV, but hey she only really watches it for like 2 minutes then she wants attention of elsewhere.

I can't believe how fast she is growing. At her 6 mo appt this month she was 19 lbs 3 oz and 27 inches long, in which both are in the 95th percentile. She's our chunky monkey. She is so much fun. She babbles all day saying "da da" "ba ba" and lots of other gibberish I don't understand. She loves her toys and sitting up right now. She'll be happy for about 45 minutes with me just putting her on the floor where I am at and playing with toys, it's pretty nice. But I do have to be in the room. If I leave, she starts to cry. Yes, the separation anxiety has already set in. Oh boy...any pointers on how to get over this one?? I'm all ears. We're excited for her to have her first Easter Egg Hunt this weekend and get to wear her Easter dress. She our little princess and we're so excited she's ours.

Thumb sucker?

So Kenzie loves her binki. She loves it during the day and especially when she goes to sleep. It is constantly hooked to her. Steven and I have even attempted to help her put it in her mouth herself because she wakes up at least one time per night lately just to have her binki put back in her mouth. It gets pretty tiresome when her bedroom is on the other side of the house. So lately Kenzie every once in a while sucks her thumb. We finally got a picture of it. I am not against thumb sucking because it is a self soother and we are having such a hard time with bed/nap times right now. I'll take anything that works. So we'll see what she decides to do.

Like Father Like Daugher

Ok, Steven and I have a favorite spot in our house. It is the recliner which Steven's parent's gave us, which is in our bedroom. We put it there when we got back from the hospital with Kenzie because I had a c-section I couldn't sleep in our bed, it was too hard to get in and out so we put it in our bedroom instead of in Kenzie's room. This was so nice to wake up when I was well enough to sleep in our bed and just feed Kenzie in that recliner. We still haven't taken it out. Steven and I are always trying to be the first one in it. It's so comfy. Kenzie loves the remote so we took the batteries out of an old remote and we let her play with it, she loves it.