Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I'm thinking about lately....

I wish it were this easy.....

So does anyone feel like I do sometimes...??? So much to do, so little time, so many things I want to do, so many things I have to do, and I still just want to take a nap instead... ha ha. I am a very type A personality. I love lists and crossing off things when I get them done. In my planner I will right down the simplest things like "do laundry today" just so I can cross it off. Most of the time all of my things are not crossed off. I want my house to be sparkling clean, I want each closet and drawer to be organized, I want my house to be cutely decorated, I want to make cute outfits for Kenzie and this new baby, I want make more jewelry for the bridal shop and for my friends and I, I want to spend more quality time with Kenzie (sit down and play with her), I want to read my scriptures , attend the temple, and write in my journal more often, I want to do more things for my friends and family, I want to think of ouy of the ordinary fun things to do with Steven, so basically this is what is on my mind lately. TOO MUCH basically. One thing I have learned throughout my life is take it one step at a time and keep crossing those things off, one day it will be done.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's a.....girl

By the way... in case some of you have not heard, we're having another girl. We're very excited. I was never able to have a sister so I'm very excited for Kenzie to be able to enjoy a sister!!!!

Kenzie's Goofy Times

I was doing the dishes today and heard Kenzie grunting and laughing in her room. She found a shirt out of her hamper and wanted to put it on but obviously thought it would be easier if put on from her legs. She didn't get too far though. She walked around like this for about 20 min. before she even wanted it off!!!

This is a pic of Steven and Kenzie having daddy/daughter toon time. She gets so excited when her daddy gets home from work she can hardly stand it. I was making dinner one night and came in to tell them that dinner was ready. This is what I found.

Valentine's Day this year was on a Sunday, I couldn't but help make a Valentine outfit for Kenzie. I found some fabric for 50cents per yard, so I just had to. I made this outfit with skirt, shirt accessory, and hair accessory for about 1 dollar. Can't beat that. She was very cute, the cutest valentine I know!!!

With in the last few months Kenzie has become obsessed with "pieee." Every time Steven or I would go she has to be in the bathroom with us, say Mommy "piee" or Daddy "piee" and then when she flushes she gets right up next to the seat and waves to the "piee" and says "bye bye." I decided to get a little toilet seat to go inside the toilet to see what she would do. She was so excited about it. Every time I put her on there she pees. It's crazy. Then one day I saw her started to give the "pooping face" and so I grabbed her and said, "let's go potty." and she sat on the toilet and pooped. I got so excited, gave her a little treat and she thought it was pretty cool. Well, last Sunday, she pooped 2 times that day in the toilet. She doesn't say anything, but you can see the face. Not quite sure if she knows what she is really doing, but I might try potty training soon, we'll see. It would be really nice if I only had 1 kid in diapers when this new one comes!!!

Kenzie is obsessed with her daddy's hats. Especially the NAPA ones. She demands for them to backwards at all times. I try to put them the right way, but she's not having it at all. I was cleaning one day and she found the swiffer duster handle. I caught her "cleaning" the toilet with it. Hope someday she's learn the realy way to clean toilets so I won't have to ha ha.