Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It Has Finally Happened

So the whole life of McKenzie I have worried about her sleeping schedule. When she naps, goes to bed, etc. I guess, what any typical mom does. She is just like her momma and needs her sleep, so I have really tried hard to help her sleep well. Well, I am a mother, so I have found out that loves to rock Kenzie to sleep. I love the cuddling and being able to see her drift off to sleep. I finally was done with HAVING to rock her to sleep. I have tried several times since she was about 5 mo to just let her cry herself to sleep, but she would never do it, and personally I had a hard time too. I guess it is the first time mom syndrome. Well, Kenzie is almost 9 mo and I finally can just lay her in her crib and she cries for maybe 1.2 seconds ands she goes right to sleep. It took some time and long nights, but she finally does it. I am so excited about it. It makes life so much easier I can't believe it. Sorry I had to write about something so boring, but this is a huge deal for me.