Thursday, March 14, 2013

October 2012

 Steven is a huge pumpkin carver.  He does a hard one every year.  He was stoked about this one, I think is most favorite thus far.  I think it rocked!!!

 We love to go to Boo at the Zoo around Halloween.  Very fun for the girls.  They thought these girls were princesses!!!

Kenzie was rupunzel this year!!!  Dressed up for preschool party here!!!
 My cousin Michelle does a Halloween party every year.  This year once again, a theme.  Tangled, if you couldn't notice.  Aubree: Pascal, Steven: Flynn, Kenzie: Rupunzel, Me: Mother Gothel.  Always fun to put together the costumes!!!  My favorite part!!

 Steven took the boys to a fun halloween night at the speed raceway.  He got tickets through his work and he wanted to take Kade and Jeff because they are obsessed with cars so much.  They had tons of of fun and got a huge load of candy.  Steven may of had more fun than the boys...he loved it!!!

It was pretty cute that my parents dressed up as Rupunzels parents that she finally finds at the end of Tangled.  Pretty cute don't you think!!!!
We went to Farmstead with Kenzie's preschool.  She loved it.  As you can tell...yes she is a lot taller than kids her age.  Guess she got those tall genes from Steven's side!!!  I think it's great. 

So this is our playset.  Perfect for our kids/family.  They love it.  They spend easily 2 hours out there each day. 

September 2012

 So Kenzie's bday is September 18th.  This year was just for family party...which was still a lot of fun.  We went to Red Robin which she loves to eat at.  The bird was there and she was a happy girl.  This night my parents learned that Kenzie's favorite veggie is broccoli.  She looooves it, which is an understatement!!!
 So at Red Robin they sing happy birthday to everyone and you get a free dessert.  Was was very excited for the free dessert until like 8 men stood in front of her and sang happy birthday to her.  This video makes me crack up every single time.
 So in September we finally purchased a playset.  Something I have been looking on Craigslist for like 3 years.  I finally found the absolutely best one ever for only $300.  Bought new it is $2400.  The next month is when we set it look above for that.
 So we crazily decided to pull up the grass and put down chips so we wouldn't have to worry about mowing around it...we now are sorry we did that because of all the grass growing through...driving us crazy.  But the girls play on it all the time. They love it!!!!  Sor worth all this work.

 In September we went on our annual Thompson reunion to Cascade/McCall.  WE found a great deal on a condo next to the golf course.  So much fun.  The kids love playing in the sand.  Steven buried them in the sand this year which they loved.  We swam, road bikes, at food, played games.  Fun as always.
 So I got to meet a music idol of mine in September.  Hillary Weeks.  She's a music icon in the LDS music world.  I know ALL her songs, think she is inspiring in so many ways.  I was like a high schooler at a Justin Timberlake concernt when I found out I could get a pick with her.  Loved it!!!!
Kenzie started going to preschool at Harmony this year.  She was so excited on her first day.  She loved Miss Mandy and all the things she gets to learn.  She loves to learn and play with her friends, but I'm afraid that she is like her mother and enjoys the socialization of school more than the learning part, but she still is a very good girl, and works really hard to write her name.  She's got KEN so for, the ZIE is the hardest part for her to do. Z is apparently difficult.  Should have thought of that before I named her!!!

August 2012

 So I had my 10 year reunion this summer.  This is an awful pic because it's so blurry, but there were like 12 cameras taking pictures at once.  So I guess I got the worst maybe. I w of as very hesitant to go but was very happy that I did.  It was a lot of fun to see people and to visit with many.  Steven had to DJ so he couldn't go, so I went with Kristen and Chelsea, which was still a lot of fun.  The other funny thing is I was nervous of what to wear for no reason so I had a friend in my ward to is very fashionable take me shopping and help me find an outfit that I love!!!  I still wear it and get good compliments on it all the time.  So grateful for her.  So yes, I'm glad I went.

So Kenzie had her 2nd year of swimming lessons this year.  It was at a neighbors home down the road.  This yard was the most beautiful/gorgeous yard I've ever seen.  Wish I lived there, won't lie.  So Kenzie loved her swimming lessons, she was really hesitant towards a lot of things at first and then due to her great teacher she was brave enough to jump off the diving board on the last day of lessons.  She still talks about it and can't wait until this summer to do another session.  Aubree may do one this summer too, we'll have to see.

We're back-July 2012

So I've decided that I need to get on the band I'm deciding to got back to July 2012 and work my way back up to current.  So what has happened...

July 2012 I don't remember anything big that happened, just lots of pool time, play time, sunshine (which I want so bad right now).  Kenzie one day wanted me to take random pics of her one day...oh and Aubree wanted to join in too!!!  Goodness they look so young already from now!!!