Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our month of April so far

So I know I usually post about Kenzie, so I thought it would be about time that I start posting stuff that I do, though it's not that interesting, I guess it's what I do. So the above picture is of a friend of mine kitchen silverware drawer. You ask, what the??? Well, Tiffani told me about these classes that she was taking from Mary Ann Wilcox. I guess this lady has been doing classed forever about organization, food storage, emergency prepardness, etc. Well, I have taken 2 of her classes now and have thoroughly enjoyed them. The first one was on how to keep your house clean in 45 minutes per day. I was a little overwhelmed, but feel that after altering it a bit, I feel I can really get some stuff done every day in little amount of time as possible. Also, this last class, was my favorite. It was about how to de-clutter your home. This Mary Ann Wilcox gal is amazing. She has these type of drawer dividers shown above that she makes herself in every drawer in her kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, closets, almost everywhere. She is all about making the most of the space that you have. My favorite part was how she organized her craft/laundry room. Also, her home grocery store was the most awesome thing I have ever seen. Rows and rows of cans, #10 cans, hygiene goods, etc. Now if that's not a security blanket, I don't know what is. So Mary Ann and my friend Tiffani have inspired me to tackle a drawer little but little. I want to do my bedroom, closet, kitchen, bathrooms, and kids bedroom also. I will eventually get to the grocery store inside my home someday. I am always interested in making my life easier, and I hope this will help.

This is Kenzie's favorite hide out place. It is in our mudroom where all the shoes and jackets, and whatever else gets left there. She loves to get up on the seat and sit there. One day, she saw that I had the primary song book on there. She knows what this is because we look through it during Sacrament meeting because I am the primary chorister for my ward, so of course I have it every week. She opened a page and started doing the actions for "Popcorn Popping." I could hear her around the corner trying to sing it, so I tried to sneak up on her, but of course, you can't be very sneaky with Kenzie, so she decided to look at me and "pose" or "cheese" instead.

Kenzie got to discover some of her first Easter egg hunts this year. It took her some time to figure out what was going on, but she eventually got the hang of it and loved it. Some of our friends have made tradition to do an Easter egg hunt every year with a little BBQ for the adults. It was a lot of fun.

So on March 27th, one of my roomies from college got married. I was the very first one to get married which wasn't a huge surprise to them, but to me it was. I was always the one who said I'll be the last to get married and have kids, well when love slaps you in the face, you can't help but accept it, and I'm glad I did. I am the only one except for one who has had any kids, so here I am with these gorgeous girls and my large pregnant self. It was a blast though to see everyone and remember yeah, I used to be fun and I am a girl too, not just a mom and wife. It was just a good feeling to be reminded of that. My parents came with me which was a lot of fun and nice that they looked after Kenzie while I was enjoying the wedding festivities. We decided to walk through Temple Square before we went home.

This is our Easter morning. It was a lot of fun. We just got little things from the dollar store this year. Kenzie loves beads or "pretties" so we got her some of those. I made her an I-spy bag and she got a PEZ which she thinks is the coolest thing ever, and of course some "nandy." I also, make a large basket for the family and for anyone who comes to our home. It was a tradition at Steven's house which he liked so we have continued in our family!!!