Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Sorry, can't see Kenzie very well, she was busy eating an eyeball decorated donut. As you can see, I'm Wendy (last minute costume :)) Steven's randition of Hook, Aubree Tiger Lilly, and Kenzie was Tinkerbell.
Steven free hand carved this pumpkin last minute, by hand before the tricker treaters showed up!! Good job don't ya think!!!

Notice this one says "Cook's" wiht the eyes. Once again, carved last minute!!!

This one he carved at the night of our annual pumpkin carving FHE night at the padres!!

This was at my parents trunk or treat

My parents at the trunk or treat....soooooo cute!!!

Kenzie ready to get some more "nandy"

The cutest bee out there!!!

Kenzie actually let me put piggies in her hair at Michelle's party, what a miracle!!

Our little tiger lilly!! This time it was OK that Hook kidnapped her!!
So this Halloween season was awesome. My cousin Michelle always does a party and it is a blast with themed food and games. We all dressed up, even Uncle Mike!! Our family was Peter Pan characters. turned out pretty cute I think. Then the next weekend my parents ward does a really fun trunk or treat and a carnival. Kenzie had a blast and I dressed them up in warmer costumes that night, a bee and unicorn. Kenzie was so cute, she would walk up and hold her bucket out and say "treat" and then say "tant do" and walk to the next one. Sooo cute. We even went to some neighbors afterwards and she tried to get into a couple of their houses. She cracks me up. We even had my nephew Kade's 7th b-day party that night too, what a fun weekend. Kenzie was sad when it was all over, but still is asking for "nandy" every morning she wakes up. Shhhh...we're trying to make it last longer than 2 hours after Halloween is over which is how fast I ate my candy when I was younger.

Kenzie and Aubree's pics

So this is Kenzie and Aubree's first photshoot together. Kenzie just turned 2 and Aubree is almost 4 months in the pics. Kenzie was not the most cooperative, so these are the best we got. My friend Mandie and I bribed her with everything we had, but she just wouldn't give. So here is Kenzie's personality as we know it and Aubree just her sweet little self. She really is the sweetest little baby. She is just happy with anything and any attention she gets. She especially loves when her sister tries to play with her. Love these girls!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our life lately

So Kenzie somehow got into her sisters baby powder. First, I don't know how she got it open and second, she didn't even know she got it all over her until we showed her in the mirror. She just kept saying "mess mommy mess." Pretty silly we think.
She's very sneaky and mischievous these days. She will get things and hide them without me even knowing. I am trying to only have her use her binky during nap and night time. We never take it out in public but she likes her binky with her when she feels sad at all, so we're working on dealing with our emotions in other ways. I found all the binkies the other day, so I thought, and hid them. Well she came out with 2 binkies that we hadn't seen in a very long time. I'm still trying to find her hide out place. She must have known I was going to do that soon. That stinker.
She is so much fun. She wants to sit and talk and play. She loves hide and seek. She also loves to play chase, but what kid doesn't. She is a very sweet girl that has super dramatic moments here and there that I am still trying ti figure out, because to be honest, I don't really know how to deal with them very well coming from a family with no sisters. I am in for it, I know!!
Something that I thought Jamie would like to know is when she plays with my cell phone or her own play one, I always ask who she is talking to and she says "Coco's" and I say where is he, and she says "bye, bye, home far away." She misses him already!!! Also she loves that Ryan and Kiley's "boys" are back. She wants to see them all the time. She always asks "boys, where?' and wants to go see them every time we drive by the entrance to their subdivision. We're grateful for her and all she brings to our family!!

So Aubree is now 2 1/2 months. She is so sweet and a very mellow personality. She only cries when she is tired or hungry or wants to be talked to (but to you blame her). She is now smiling and "cooing" which is so sweet. It's amazing how with each child it is still sooo exciting to go through these different phases and stages. Kenzie loves her. She still has not tried to hurt her in any way. She kisses her and calls her "baby siser" all day. She wants to know where she is at all times and she has learned how to put her binky in softly when she cries. It makes Kenzie feel so big and special that she helps her sister to be happy. We are so blessed to have 2 great girls in our life. They are such a blessing and I wouldn't trade it for anything to have my life the way it is right now.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aubree's Blessing Day

This was after the big party at our house aftewards. It was a lot of fun and food with everyone here. We missed a lot of you. I may have forgotten to tell some and I'm sorry. I hope we can still be friends and family :)
This is our four generation picture. Grandma Dalton, Mom, Me, Kenzie and Aubree. Pretty awesome!!!!
She is sooo sweet.
Aubree got to wear the exact same thing that Kenzie wore. I also wore this dress when I was blessed. Pretty special I think.

On August 1st we had Aubree's blessing. It was such a tender and special day for our family. Steven gave a great blessing and I'm glad that Steven didn't change her name up there (Cook family we all know the story about Mary ha ha). We were blessed and grateful to have had all of Steven's family there except for lovely Melissa who is on her mission and as much of my family who could be there. My bros are far away so there families weren't there but I know they were there in spirit and we definitely thought of them throughout the day. I appreciated who all came and shared in our special day. We are so blessed to be loved by so many.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Aubree's Blessing Day

I just wanted to let you all know that on August 1st we will be blessing our sweet Aubree. It is at the church closest to our home, you can't miss it. It is at 9am (sorry ha ha) and we will be having lunch at our house at about 12:15ish afterwards. We would love for you to come and celebrate our sweet new one with us on this special day.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Aubree's first photo shoot!!

I love this pic. Mandie showed me this one before Aubree was even born, I couldn't wait to do it. It turned out absolutely perfect!!!
Steven loves his new little girl!!

I love this pic, Kenzie wants to kiss her constantly, I'm so grateful she is adjusting so well. What a blessing.
Our new bundle of joy!!!
I'm so lucky!!!
Then new Cook fam
WE love her!!!

So when Aubree was 4 days old, my friend Mandie, took some pics of her and the fam. She is absolutely amazing. She did so many great pics for us. I'm grateful for her and how talented she is!!! She truly is a blessing. This is just a few of the great pics she got, I would be on my computer uploading all day if I put them all up, but these are some of my favorites.

Just to let everyone know how we're doing. We are great, besides exhausted and overwhelmed at times, but I hear this is normal right... ha ha. Aubree is a great baby, she eats and sleeps like a champ and is very laid back. She really doesn't cry that much. She's been such a blessing. Kenzie is adjusting well. She loves to "see siser" and "where's siser" all the time. She wants to hold her and kiss and love her all the time, which I'm grateful for. She's my big helper with throwing the diapers away, getting things for me, and to sit and talk to Aubree while I'm making the bed or something. She's been so awesome. She's a little more emotional lately, but I think that's just her trying to figure out how she feels about all of this. I think after a couple of weeks, she won't remember how life even was before we had Aubree and we'll just go on with our crazy but awesome life. I'm doing well, v-backs are much better than c-sections that's for sure. The recovery time is absolutely shorter. I have actually been able to sleep in my bed and do so much more this time, it's amazing. Breastfeeding has also been very different, not so painful and Aubree is a champ, which I am insurmountably grateful for, since with Kenzie it was soooooo hard!!! Thank you for all the calls and emails from our friends and family. We feel so loved and supported. We are very grateful for you all.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aubree Esther Cook is HERE, FINALLY!!!!!!!

Kenzie loves her new sister!!!

So after my last post, the next night Aubree arrived on Sunday June 27th @ 11:13pm. She was 7lbs. 6oz and 21 in. long. Happy and healthy. Labor and delivery was picture perfect and so is our new addition to our family. More details and pics to come!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Soooooooo frustrated!!!

I wish I was here and not sitting in my office at my computer a week later after contractions have started and NO baby yet. Starting last Saturday, I would contract consistently when I was up and moving or walking, but nothing sitting down. That lasted until about Wednesday night, I woke up a couple of times from contractions, and then nope nothing. I had a doctors appt on Thurs and she apparently stripped my membranes. This kinda felt like things were going to move along, I had such high hopes that this would push me over the edge and help me out. But once again, nothing, just inconsistent contractions, but hard ones might I add. So again today, I had my membranes stripped, now this was the real deal. I wanted to climb off the table, I knew that Dr. Hodges had done something to help me get along. So here I sit, 75% effaced, 3cm, +1 station. Contractions are still not consistent, but oh boy am I tired. I don't think I've ever been this tired in my whole existence. It's amazing how contracting inconsistently for 1 week can make you sooo exhausted. Seriously, come on already. So I think I finally get the clue....she's not ready yet. This is hard for me to except because to be honest, I didn't really plan my life past this last Thursday when they stripped my membranes for the first time. All of my friends and family who have had this done, boom, they went into labor like 4-12 hours after they had this procedure. I guess I'm only 6 hours out, so I guess there is still hope, but I don't think anything more is gonna happen. I guess I'll go on with my life like I normally would and just plan for an induction next weekend. Thanks for listening!!! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New jewelry and craft projects!!!

Hair bling
Flower on headband
Cute trendy headband
Trendy necklace with cute rosette flower

A couple weeks ago a gal at work wanted me to make some stuff for her and her daughters. I told her I would love to try and make them for her. She showed some stuff on the internet to me and then I made them. I have to be honest, I was really proud of myself, I think these turned out so cute. Now I just need to make some for myself.

Our Garden is finally in!!!!

Kenzie pretending to garden
Strawberries, pepper, herbs, cucumbers
Both plantar boxes that Steven made back in March. Aren't they awesome!!

We finally got our garden in this week. Steven made boxes back in the end of March. We got dirt from a pile in the back of house because they are doing a lot of construction, a pile of maneuer from my parent's neighbors who have horses, and then we just had to buy two bags of top soil. We're pretty excited. The plants are doing well so far, so hopefully I won't kill them this summer and hopefully Steven will help with it, since we're having a baby in like 3 weeks.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kenzie's 19 month old photo shoot

So this last week my wonderfully talented friend Mandie took these pics of Kenzie. She did really well as always. I'm very grateful that she knows how to shoot kids because Kenzie held still for like 0.2 seconds and she still got some awesome pics. I thought it would be nice to have one last photo shoot with Kenzie before she gets a little sibling here. Kenzie has not clue that this baby is even coming. She knows and points to my belly and says baby "siser" but then she points to hers and says the same thing, so who knows. All I know is this baby is going to be hard for her. She is used to being the only princess in the house for the last 20 months, but all I know is that it will be really good for her. This baby, though it was early for me, is coming at the perfect time, and I am starting to see that now. Heavenly Father has a much different but much better plan that I do, and I am grateful for that.

Kenzie is getting to be quite the talker. She is starting to say "peas" (please) and "dedu"(thank you) without us even queing her, which is so awesome. She will just look at me several times a day and talk about stuff. Sometimes I can understand her and sometimes I can't, but it sure is cute how she just wants to talk. She's all about "horsy" (horse) and "moo" (which means cow). She thinks anytime she sees a pasture or meadow of any sort there will be a "moo" or "horsy" there. It's pretty funny. We were at Deseret Book once and I was standing there ready to check out and I hear her yelling "moo." Well she saw a CD where a woman was standing in a meadow so she thought there would be a "moo" in there. I thought it was pretty darn funny. She calls her binki and blanket "meaner" which we have not found out where she got that word or how. But at least she gets her point across. I just wanted to post a few things about Kenzie in this adorable and challenging phase.