Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What...another one!!

Yes, the Cook's are having another child. We're very excited to have another crazy one running around. I am due July 13th and have had a rough bout this time. With Kenzie I wasn't very sick, but this one is another roller coaster that's for sure. I am more tired every time I even stand up, the toilet is my worst enemy, and all I want are smoothies and cucumbers and vinegar, unlike with Kenzie I wanted whoppers, but that is how I gained the larege 47 pounds, hopefully we won't be doing that again. We had the ultrasound and everything looks really good. I changed my OB doc to Dr. Hodges who is like the best doctor ever. He said everything I needed to hear and he was just as excited for us and we were. Steven also was very impressed. I'm excited because he said I can have a v-back, which I definitely didn't want another c-section if I can help it.

Sorry I haven't posted for so long, but it has been a very busy last few months. We changed wards, got new callings, Kenzie turned 1, Thanksgiving Holiday, Steven works a lot, and once again, Kenzie keeps me busy too. I am doing a bridal show in January with my jewlery so have been very busy making jewlery for that and of course the many Christmas presents I decide to make last minute...

Here is our latest family pic.