Saturday, January 23, 2010

Worst blogger ever!!

Kenzie and Steven opening presents Christmas morning

Kenzie's cool sunglasses she got in her stocking

So the word on the "street" is that I am the worst blogger ever. In which I am totally aware of this. I apologize and am sorry. I know there are many that I like to keep in contact with that I don't see on a regular basis, so I am most sorry to you. Being sick with this baby and I guess feeling like I have no time, when in reality I have a little time here and there, I haven't been very good at this thing. I'll get better I promise!! There eventually will be a reason for you to look on my blog.

What we have been up to:
1) Christmas was awesome. Scott and Jamie and the kids came to visit and it was an absolute blast!!! We went sledding in Idaho City which was a lot of fun to see the faces of the kids. They were pretty brave and I was pretty impressed. Our Christmas morning was awesome. We ate a good 'ol traditional breakfast of breakfast casserole, fruit, and sticky buns. The bestest. We then opened presents, in which it is always so much fun to see all the kiddos faces. I have to say Ella's was the best with the barbies. I really tried to make a lot of gifts this year, in which I think it was successful. I made fun fleece scarves, appetizer platters, aprons, diaper clutches, nursing aprons, and a whole bed set for Scott and Jamie (duvet, pillow shams, and bed skirt). That was the hardest one. I have never done something so difficult but Jamie kept talking about how she is wanting a new bed set for a long time and I finally got up the guts to say I'll make it for ya. It took a lot of brainstorming and time, but well worth it. I was really happy with the result and I hope Scott and Jamie like it too. It was sad to see them finally go, but a joyful time to have both my bros and their families here. It was nice to have us all togetherThe pillow shams, bed skit, and duvet cover I made. The duvet is in the paisley, skit is in the green, and the pillow sham has the paisley on front and the green on back. The cord on the edge made it look really nice.

2) Steven is working a lot: Steven has a wonderful job being a manager at NAPA Auto Parts. He is very good at what he does and everyone loves him at his job. But I miss him. I am more than grateful for a hardworking husband and that he has a job. He sacrifices so much for our family, and I appreicate all he does. He's an awesome dad and tries to take advantage of every moment he has with Kenzie. Kenzie sometimes will sit next to the garage door and just say "daaaeeee" (daddy) over and over until I tell her daddy will be home soon. She gets very excited when that door finally opens and it's him. Dad's just fulfill a different spot that mom's can't, and I'm grateful that he does that for her.
3.) Getting bigger: I am already 16 weeks prego and I am already completely in maternity clothes. I guess your body knows what to do the second time. Dang-it. I was hoping this pregnancy would be a lot different. Well it is in other aspects, but I did look in an old journal of when I was pregnant with Kenzie, and I haven't gained near the same amount at this point as I did with her, thank goodness, no 47lb weight gain again for me!!!! We find out next month what it is and we're very excited. We have some inclings but nothing for sure. We'll be excited either way.
4.) Steven and I just got called to be the Road Show leaders for the ward. We are excited but nervous. It should be a lot of fun, but a lot of hard work also. The performance is on Feb 17th, so not much time. Hope these kids are ready.
5.) Kenzie: need we say more!! She is just busy, busy, busy. She loves to play, push things around, get into the pots and pans, and boy, does this girl love to eat. She eats just about anything except for plain eggs. She eats what we eat just fine and love it. She has to feed herself though which is sometimes quite the fun and dirty situation. She is starting to get quite good at using her utentils, but there is still a bit of a mess. She also has learned more signs, she knows: please, thank you, more, drink, cheese, cracker, eat, up, and down. She is starting to say the words also and saying other ones like "jus" (juice), "daaaeee" daddy, "mema" grandma, papa, "maaaeeee" mommy, uh oh, "duks" books, "paaee" potty, and many others. She just talks all day so I can't think of everything. A funny story about her. The other day she woke up and I opened the door and I thought I saw her naked in her crib. I turned on the light and yep, sure enough there she was. She took off her pj's and diaper and they were laying in the crib and then I noticed a huge wet spot, but her pj's were dry. Is this a hint that it's time to potty train, oh how I wish that were true, but I think she just wanted her heavy wet diaper off. I couldn't stop laughing but couldn't believe what she just did. She was laughing at herself too because I think she knew what she had just done. She keeps life so much fun. Kenzie's messy "I feed myself" face.

6.) Toilet papered: Steven is over the Deacon's 12-13 year olds at church. They just love and adore him but want to tease him just like the does them. Before he got home one night from mutual 2 of his deacons came and tolet papered our house. Not too bad, but it was quite halarious. The even funnier part was that I was the one to clean it up. I told those boys the next week that they better watch out because we're going to get them back, and they won't be expecting it. ha ha!!

Our front door where they trapped us in with toilet paper