Friday, September 10, 2010

Our life lately

So Kenzie somehow got into her sisters baby powder. First, I don't know how she got it open and second, she didn't even know she got it all over her until we showed her in the mirror. She just kept saying "mess mommy mess." Pretty silly we think.
She's very sneaky and mischievous these days. She will get things and hide them without me even knowing. I am trying to only have her use her binky during nap and night time. We never take it out in public but she likes her binky with her when she feels sad at all, so we're working on dealing with our emotions in other ways. I found all the binkies the other day, so I thought, and hid them. Well she came out with 2 binkies that we hadn't seen in a very long time. I'm still trying to find her hide out place. She must have known I was going to do that soon. That stinker.
She is so much fun. She wants to sit and talk and play. She loves hide and seek. She also loves to play chase, but what kid doesn't. She is a very sweet girl that has super dramatic moments here and there that I am still trying ti figure out, because to be honest, I don't really know how to deal with them very well coming from a family with no sisters. I am in for it, I know!!
Something that I thought Jamie would like to know is when she plays with my cell phone or her own play one, I always ask who she is talking to and she says "Coco's" and I say where is he, and she says "bye, bye, home far away." She misses him already!!! Also she loves that Ryan and Kiley's "boys" are back. She wants to see them all the time. She always asks "boys, where?' and wants to go see them every time we drive by the entrance to their subdivision. We're grateful for her and all she brings to our family!!

So Aubree is now 2 1/2 months. She is so sweet and a very mellow personality. She only cries when she is tired or hungry or wants to be talked to (but to you blame her). She is now smiling and "cooing" which is so sweet. It's amazing how with each child it is still sooo exciting to go through these different phases and stages. Kenzie loves her. She still has not tried to hurt her in any way. She kisses her and calls her "baby siser" all day. She wants to know where she is at all times and she has learned how to put her binky in softly when she cries. It makes Kenzie feel so big and special that she helps her sister to be happy. We are so blessed to have 2 great girls in our life. They are such a blessing and I wouldn't trade it for anything to have my life the way it is right now.