Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aubree Esther Cook is HERE, FINALLY!!!!!!!

Kenzie loves her new sister!!!

So after my last post, the next night Aubree arrived on Sunday June 27th @ 11:13pm. She was 7lbs. 6oz and 21 in. long. Happy and healthy. Labor and delivery was picture perfect and so is our new addition to our family. More details and pics to come!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Soooooooo frustrated!!!

I wish I was here and not sitting in my office at my computer a week later after contractions have started and NO baby yet. Starting last Saturday, I would contract consistently when I was up and moving or walking, but nothing sitting down. That lasted until about Wednesday night, I woke up a couple of times from contractions, and then nope nothing. I had a doctors appt on Thurs and she apparently stripped my membranes. This kinda felt like things were going to move along, I had such high hopes that this would push me over the edge and help me out. But once again, nothing, just inconsistent contractions, but hard ones might I add. So again today, I had my membranes stripped, now this was the real deal. I wanted to climb off the table, I knew that Dr. Hodges had done something to help me get along. So here I sit, 75% effaced, 3cm, +1 station. Contractions are still not consistent, but oh boy am I tired. I don't think I've ever been this tired in my whole existence. It's amazing how contracting inconsistently for 1 week can make you sooo exhausted. Seriously, come on already. So I think I finally get the clue....she's not ready yet. This is hard for me to except because to be honest, I didn't really plan my life past this last Thursday when they stripped my membranes for the first time. All of my friends and family who have had this done, boom, they went into labor like 4-12 hours after they had this procedure. I guess I'm only 6 hours out, so I guess there is still hope, but I don't think anything more is gonna happen. I guess I'll go on with my life like I normally would and just plan for an induction next weekend. Thanks for listening!!! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New jewelry and craft projects!!!

Hair bling
Flower on headband
Cute trendy headband
Trendy necklace with cute rosette flower

A couple weeks ago a gal at work wanted me to make some stuff for her and her daughters. I told her I would love to try and make them for her. She showed some stuff on the internet to me and then I made them. I have to be honest, I was really proud of myself, I think these turned out so cute. Now I just need to make some for myself.

Our Garden is finally in!!!!

Kenzie pretending to garden
Strawberries, pepper, herbs, cucumbers
Both plantar boxes that Steven made back in March. Aren't they awesome!!

We finally got our garden in this week. Steven made boxes back in the end of March. We got dirt from a pile in the back of house because they are doing a lot of construction, a pile of maneuer from my parent's neighbors who have horses, and then we just had to buy two bags of top soil. We're pretty excited. The plants are doing well so far, so hopefully I won't kill them this summer and hopefully Steven will help with it, since we're having a baby in like 3 weeks.