Thursday, March 14, 2013

October 2012

 Steven is a huge pumpkin carver.  He does a hard one every year.  He was stoked about this one, I think is most favorite thus far.  I think it rocked!!!

 We love to go to Boo at the Zoo around Halloween.  Very fun for the girls.  They thought these girls were princesses!!!

Kenzie was rupunzel this year!!!  Dressed up for preschool party here!!!
 My cousin Michelle does a Halloween party every year.  This year once again, a theme.  Tangled, if you couldn't notice.  Aubree: Pascal, Steven: Flynn, Kenzie: Rupunzel, Me: Mother Gothel.  Always fun to put together the costumes!!!  My favorite part!!

 Steven took the boys to a fun halloween night at the speed raceway.  He got tickets through his work and he wanted to take Kade and Jeff because they are obsessed with cars so much.  They had tons of of fun and got a huge load of candy.  Steven may of had more fun than the boys...he loved it!!!

It was pretty cute that my parents dressed up as Rupunzels parents that she finally finds at the end of Tangled.  Pretty cute don't you think!!!!
We went to Farmstead with Kenzie's preschool.  She loved it.  As you can tell...yes she is a lot taller than kids her age.  Guess she got those tall genes from Steven's side!!!  I think it's great. 

So this is our playset.  Perfect for our kids/family.  They love it.  They spend easily 2 hours out there each day. 

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Scott and Jamie said...

Love all the posts, way to go girl! You are so fun and talented, love the family costumes. yay for fun times this summer!