Thursday, March 14, 2013

August 2012

 So I had my 10 year reunion this summer.  This is an awful pic because it's so blurry, but there were like 12 cameras taking pictures at once.  So I guess I got the worst maybe. I w of as very hesitant to go but was very happy that I did.  It was a lot of fun to see people and to visit with many.  Steven had to DJ so he couldn't go, so I went with Kristen and Chelsea, which was still a lot of fun.  The other funny thing is I was nervous of what to wear for no reason so I had a friend in my ward to is very fashionable take me shopping and help me find an outfit that I love!!!  I still wear it and get good compliments on it all the time.  So grateful for her.  So yes, I'm glad I went.

So Kenzie had her 2nd year of swimming lessons this year.  It was at a neighbors home down the road.  This yard was the most beautiful/gorgeous yard I've ever seen.  Wish I lived there, won't lie.  So Kenzie loved her swimming lessons, she was really hesitant towards a lot of things at first and then due to her great teacher she was brave enough to jump off the diving board on the last day of lessons.  She still talks about it and can't wait until this summer to do another session.  Aubree may do one this summer too, we'll have to see.

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